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Motorhome and Caravan Insurance

For many, buying a motorhome or caravan is something they've looked forward to and saved towards - for a long time. Whether you plan to spend your weekends and holidays on the open road or aim to travel far and wide during the retirement you've been working hard to fund, one thing is for certain; it's a big investment so you need to make sure you're covered for any eventualities which could put pay to your plans.

Believe it or not, there are roughly 8 motorhome classes which range from Micro to American RV (other options being; van conversion, camper van, compact, coach built, low-profile and A-class).

There are usually 4 options under the caravan heading which is; touring (towed behind a vehicle), static, trailer tent and folding camper.

Caravan insurance can usually be used to cover static and towed varieties, with many insurers also offering cover for trailer tents and folding campers (dependant on age and condition); motorhome cover can usually be purchased from the same insurers.

All vehicles on the road are required by law to have a minimum of third party cover and this of course applies to motorhomes. Interestingly, you are not required by law to have separate protection for a caravan being towed by your car as this is more often than not covered by your car insurance policy (it is important to check this with your insurer before setting off on your journey).

This is fine if you want to ensure you are covered should your caravan be involved in an accident whilst on the road, but once at a campsite, your personal items and the replacement or repair of the caravan itself will not be covered should something go wrong.

What cover options are there?


As with your car, you will usually be offered a choice between; third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive cover. The basic level of protection covers you for your liability to other road users and pedestrians whilst also covering you for damage to property, but does not provide protection for your own vehicle.

Third party fire and theft adds to this basic cover level with fire damage protection, along with theft protection and damage to your motorhome should it be broken into or stolen.

When it comes to comprehensive cover, each insurer has their own definition of what this provides protection for, but you should typically find you are covered for the following; European cover, personal effects, motorhome equipment, audio equipment, windscreen and glass protection (double-check your policy excess), legal protection, personal accident, vandalism and new for old vehicle replacement (in the event of a total loss).


Static and touring caravan insurance are pretty similar on the whole in that they both seek to provide cover for; replacement (new for old subject to terms and conditions), damage, fixtures and fittings, personal effects and contents, accidental damage, frozen food, personal accident and alternative accommodation should this be needed.

A consistent exclusion when it comes to this type of cover is the use of your caravan as a permanent residence, business premises, etc. In this instance you would need to seek home insurance or business cover to ensure you are protected.

Exclusions common to both motorhome and caravan insurance are usually; wear and tear, vermin damage, mechanical breakdown and theft of vehicle or contents if adequate security measures are not taken.

FRANCE Magazene

Home from Home

A new website has launched allowing motorhome and campervan owners to take part in a holiday exchange scheme. Motorhome owners can register for free at www.motorhomeholidayswap.com and exchange holidays with fellow motorhome owners in France.

News of the World

Wheeler dealer has top swaps.  If you own a motorhome, then painter Chris Farrow\'s website could save you a fortune on holidays.  Motorhome Holiday Swap lets people from all over the world exchange their motorhomes.

Once registered on the site, you can make contact with an exchange partner and ensure you are happy with all the arrangements before committing.

There\'s no fee charged for joining.  Chris 47, of Hexham, Northumberland, said: "We have three people registering every day and are getting 40,000 to 60,000 hits a month"

Besides the UK, you could swap motorhomes in prime destinations including the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Holland, Germany, Hawaii, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy and South Africa.

Visit www.motorhomeholidayswap.com


A new service called Motorhome Holiday Swap is setting out to provide motorhome owners the same foreign travel benefits as people who exchange their stationary homes.

The company, created by Chris Farrow, an enthusiastic motorhome owner from England, provides a Web site link for folks to exchange their motorhomes when travelling abroad.   By registering on the site, motorhome owners throughout the world can make their motorhomes available to other like-minded travellers, opening up the vacation of a lifetime for thousands of people, and just for the price of the flight.

Motorhome owners are asked to provide details about their motorhome and where they live, as well as information about when and where they would like to travel.  The service then searches for a match.  For more information, or to sign up, visit www.motorhomeholidayswap.com

The Observer

You\'ve heard of house swapping, but a new website extends the idea to mobile homes and campervans.  The site, motorhomeholidayswap.com was set up by Chris Farrow, a keen motorhome owner from Hexham in Northumberland, and features swaps with owners from Alaska to Australia.

The Oregon Times

For decades folks from around the world have "swapped holidays", by making arrangements to "loan out" their home in one country for a home in another.  Now the concept has taken another stride: Loan out your motorhome in the states for one in say, New Zealand.

Members provide information and photos about their motorhomes, and a computerized database "matches" up potential swaps.  After that, it\'s up to the individual members to contact one another to ensure they\'re happy with the deal.  "Borrowers" agree to cover the rig they\'re loaned with appropriate insurance, and the matchmaking company suggests everyone have a close friend or relative to check out the returned rig to ensure everything\'s in order.

For more information visit www.motorhomeholidayswap.com


For those who lead the touring life there\'s www.motorhomeholidayswap.com a website featuring swaps between motorhome owners from Holland to Hawaii and everywhere in between.



Northumbrian painter and decorator Chris Farrow has set up www.motorhomeholidayswap.com for those who, like him enjoy the open road and the thought of life in an RV(as our American frends call there recreational vehicles) The site resembles a holiday - home exchange scheme - motorhomes can get in touch with one another and swap with like-minded drivers across the globe

The Observer

You\'ve heard of house swapping, but a new website extends the idea to motorhomes and campervans.  The site Motorhome Holiday Swap.com was set up by Chris Farrow, a keen motorhome owner from Hexham in Northumberland and features swaps with owners from Alaska to Australia.


Los Angeles Times - Travel

Like a house swap, but with your RV

Budget travellers the world over have taken part in house-swap programs as a way to experience other cultures without a big hotel bill.  Now there\'s a travel company that helps RV enthusiasts do the same thing.  Is the view from your motorhome getting stale?  No worries.  Instead of paying a gazillion dollars to drive thousands of miles to see something new, do an RV swap and transport yourself somewhere entirely different

Deal: Motorhome Holiday Swap connects owners of RVs, fifth wheelers, motorhomes and campervans to do swaps as a way of seeing other countries and potentially saving a great deal of money.  Chris Farrow got the idea after he wanted to do a swap with some friends of his in France.  Registration is free.  Details and pictures of your motorhome are expected.  The good news is that your privacy is protected.


Registration Fee